Executive Protection

CM provides full-scale protective coverage to Executives, Entertainers, VIP’s and other at-risk persons. Our Scottsdale Bodyguard and EP staff is carefully selected and trained to work in any setting, threat level or environment. We assign only highly trained and experienced EP operators to our EP division. Our staff is trained to fulfill a wide range of tasks to accommodate our clients, we do not employ staff members as bodyguards but train our staff to become all-round Executive Protection specialist with an emphasis on soft skillset. Our services cover Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Paradise Valley and all the other cities in the Phoenix Metro and the rest of Arizona such as Tucson and Flagstaff.

Corporate Risk Management

Charlie Mike Protective Services offers a broad range of services to prevent incidents in the workplace.

Our Workplace Violence prevention specialist are trained to prevent violent incidents in the workplace and are trained to minimally disrupt your business operations. They are trained with the focus on operating in Corporate settings and formal environments.  Agents are trained to work with confidential and sensitive information and operate with low-to-no profile.  We provided support with workforce reductions, elevated risk terminations, and customer satisfaction disputes. Our Investigations division can support background checks, threat assessments and loss prevention investigations.

Surveillance and Investigation

Our Surveillance division can set up covert or overt, mobile or static surveillance operations to mitigate threats or gather intelligence. We have licensed Private investigators with years of LEO, military or PI experience. Our surveillance teams can monitor employee activity after termination or prior to hiring, monitor loss prevention incidents or assist in recovering assets. Our surveillance experts can advise on surveillance detection tactics or setup SD operations to support protection details. Our surveillance division can be utilized to perform electronic or on location advances for EP operations.


Our investigation division provides corporations and individuals with investigation solutions. Our private investigators conduct the following investigations:

Training and Consulting

Our consultancy division provides security consulting, travel consultancy, threat assessments, TSCM sweeps and training.

The travel consultants have more international experience and often speak more than 1 language. We have bilingual and multilingual speakers, communication experts, mobility experts, medical specialists, (tropical) and special climate (cold/hot) experts. These team members can be added to your EP team on certain trips or we can select a full spectrum team of consultants to facilitate your travel needs. These consultants can work under the most challenging circumstances and often have a military or LEO background. We can provide Personal Logistical assistants that can make arrangements for secure and seamless transportation anywhere in the world. Our travel consultants can brief your staff prior to travel on climate, local habits, cultural practices. We can provide last minute threat assessments on foreign locations, gather intelligence through our International network or arrange assets on location. Our travel consultants can perform TSCM sweeps of vehicles, accommodations, offices or equipment.

Our Corporate Risk Consultants perform threat assessments, Red team interdictions and Security design advise. Our Corporate Risk Management division offers different training packages:

Protective Services

Charlie Mike protective services provides armed and unarmed security officers that have been carefully selected and received extensive in-house training. We focus our training on situational awareness, de-escalation, use of force ladder, soft skills and extensive medical training with CPR/BLS certification. Our agents are well equipped and trained to prevent and respond to critical events.

Some of our agent’s duties are:

Security Drivers

CM’s Security Driving division has all the answers for your secure logistics. We can provide highly skilled (armed) security drivers to reinforce existing transportation staff or facilitate a total logistical solution with armored or soft skin luxury vehicles. We have our own fleet with specialized (armored), luxury and support vehicles.

The advantage of utilizing our own vehicles is the specialized equipment (lights, first aid trauma kit, emergency equipment, secure comms, etc.) Our vehicles can improve and solidify a protection plan or provide extra coverage as mobile saferoom on locations such as events and restaurants.

We offer specialized secure travel into Northern Mexico from Arizona, Texas and California with Bilingual Security Drivers in low-profile (armored) vehicles.

Active shooter rapid response team

Our Rapid Response Team is your answer to proactively handling active shooter threats. Our team can actively patrol events, buildings, schools or other locations in response to threats. We often see that Police does not have the manpower and budget to proactively deploy teams when threats have been received. Law enforcement is often reactive to threats and cannot act on suspicious activity or gut feelings. We have a team of agents with years of experience handling critical events at your disposal on short notice. Our teams are trained in tactical combat casualty care, evacuations and can liaison with authorities in order to prevent active shooter or other critical events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are licensed and bonded in the state of Arizona.

Do you offer bodyguard services?

Yes! We prefer the term executive protection agent or close protection agent.

What forms of payment do accept?

Cash, card, ACH and cashier’s check.

Do you offer secure transportation?

Yes, we have security drivers and low-profile armored vehicles.

Do you offer services across state lines?

No, we don’t but we have partners in all states that take over once we cross state lines.

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