Charlie Mike protects your continuity.


We offer a one-stop shop for all protection and private investigation needs.


Established in 2020

Charlie Mike protective services is a one-stop shop for security services and investigations, tailored to corporations and individuals in Arizona. The name Charlie Mike comes from the military abbreviation CM that means; Continue Mission. Continue Mission is exactly what clients can expect, we will never quit and we will make you, your families and employees feel safe no matter what the circumstances are. We provide services to continue your operations or activities without disturbances or other delays caused by incidents.

Charlie Mike’s services are developed to prevent downtime in your organization and use protective services to optimize your operation. We offer services that have a positive impact on your return on investment by lowering workplace violence incidents, preventing legal issues from violent incidents, lower sick leave due to unsafe work environment and optimize corporate leadership travel movements. The Protective Services division can implement security details (bodyguards), (armed) security guards, patrol officers, quick response teams or K9 perimeter patrols.

Our comprehensive Scottsdale, AZ based private investigations division is result driven to get you or your organization the answers you need, whether it is a loss prevention investigation, insurance fraud, infidelity surveillance or locate missing persons, our investigators can help you. Charlie Mike believes that continuing and onboarding training are central in achieving the best results. We offer in-house training for our officers in; armed security guard duties, lethal and less than lethal use of force, workplace violence prevention, active shooter prevention, security driving and Executive Protection. Our area of operation is not just the Phoenix Metro but the entire state of Arizona, we are North Scottsdale based but have agents all over the State.


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